By Jonathan Davies

The European Court of Justice has ruled that EU migrants may be prevented from claiming some benefits.

The ruling relates to so-called "benefit tourism" in Germany, but is likely to set a precedent for the rest of the EU.

The possibility over policies to prevent migrants from claiming certain benefits has been raised by various politicians.

The ruling could mean that the UK government could be able to block unemployed migrants from claiming jobseeker's allowance.

The government has already restricted the amount of benefits that can be claimed by migrants in the first three months after they arrived in the UK.

"The directive thus seeks to prevent economically inactive European Union citizens from using the host member state's welfare system to fund their means of subsistence." the European Court of Justice said in a statement.

"A member state must therefore have the possibility of refusing to grant social benefits to economically inactive European Union citizens who exercise their right to freedom of movement solely in order to obtain another member state's social assistance."

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