By Simon Dixon, Bank To The Future

When you are raising equity finance through a business angel, Venture Capitalist (VC), equity Crowdfunding or what we call CrowdInvesting at BankToTheFuture.com, one of the most important things you will have to do is value your company.

No business valuation, no finance.

Your business valuation will determine how much equity you offer to crowdinvestors and how much money you ask for.

But how do you know if somebody has thought through their business valuation properly?

In summary, investors will ask you the question - how did you come up with that valuation, and you want to have a good answer.

To get the best valuation for your business, you need to make as much progress as you can without crowdinvestment finance, we recommend starting with crowdfunding at an early stage for new products then moving onto crowdinvesting for the next round of finance when you are more ‘investment ready’, but you need to plan that from the beginning and start getting investment ready early on.

Bank To The Future's Simon Dixon is speaking at our forthcoming Raising Finance Event @ Google Campus.

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