By Thomas Eason

EPiServer, an innovator in multichannel digital marketing and e-Commerce software, announced today that it acquired the business of longstanding technology provider, Mediachase, an e-commerce and collaboration software solutions provider. The move brings together EPiServer's existing digital marketing capabilities with Mediachase's easy-to-use e-commerce framework to meet next generation cross-channel needs for delivery to EPiServer's partner and customer network.

"Our partners and customers have asked us move our e-Commerce solution forward at a faster pace," Martin Henricson, CEO of EPiServer said. "This acquisition builds on a great technology partnership and puts us in position to deliver greater value to our customers and partners who are capitalizing on the exploding e-Commerce market."

The combined business is equipped to support a larger customer base and to allow a broader partner network to serve the market. New and existing customers have access to the proven EPiServer Commerce solution built on Mediachase technology, as well as the broader EPiServer platform that can accommodate cross-channel sales and digital marketing features available to some of the most advanced brands today.

The acquisition supports EPiServer's goal to offer its partners an online commerce vehicle equipped with features and capabilities that are critical to providing a great online customer experience. By engaging customers across social, mobile and web channels, personalizing visitor experiences for greater conversion, and by bridging the gap between online and in-store experiences, EPiServer's enhanced suite offers demanding time-to-market requirements and meets wide ranging business needs.

In his report, The Agile Commerce Platform, Forrester analyst Brian Walker sheds light on the importance of cross-channel commerce capabilities: "eBusiness professionals must empower their developers, business people, and partners to innovate and optimize the customer experience in and across these touchpoints, creating opportunities to drive profitable business growth."

EPiServer began its relationship with Mediachase in 2009 rolling out scalable and flexible e-commerce for businesses including INTERSPORT, Hallmark, and Libris. The combined business grants the customer and partner network access to a comprehensive lineup of software products, services, and business communication solutions that enable strong e-commerce and digital marketing capabilities for any size organization.

"Bringing Mediachase's dynamic solution into the EPiServer suite allows for a seamless transition, as Mediachase's commerce engine merges tightly with the EPiServer platform," Henricson said. "Our customers have taken advantage of EPiServer Commerce to deeply integrate into common business systems while proving the flexibility of the EPiServer platform for enterprise customers. Advancing our product management and marketing features is the next logical step."
With this acquisition complete, EPiServer expands their coverage in the U.S. market to include 150 new clients from Mediachase, as well as their product portfolio. Terms of the deal were not disclosed

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