By Daniel Hunter

Energy supplier E.On has defended its decision to omit small businesses from its recent price cuts.

E.On last week became the first major supplier in the UK to announce household gas price cuts, reducing its prices by 3.5%.

The Federation of Small Business (FSB) yesterday (Tuesday) criticised E.On and British Gas, who also announced domestic price cuts, for not including small businesses in the price cuts.

An E.On spokesperson said: "We continue to review our SME tariffs and prices to ensure we offer all customers competitive products, helping them find the best deal for them while using no more energy than they need."

"Our business energy contracts reflect prevailing market prices at the time the contracts are taken out. To prove this, we reassessed prices for our variable large gas tariff and SME Business Electricity Plan customers and passed through a decrease in their prices from 7 January 2015.

"We’re committed to making things simpler and fairer for our SME customers and last year led the industry in ending the process of automatic contract rollovers.
SME customers who choose not to renew when their existing deal runs out are moved onto our cheapest variable rate tariff with a 30-day notice period and no exit fee giving them more time to ensure they can find the best deal for them."

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