By Marcus Leach

Entrepreneurship gives women the chance to excel, where in other more traditional roles they may struggle to gain parity, according to Global Angels founder Molly Bedingfield.

Speaking at the first gathering of the judging panel for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Bedingfield, who has considerable experience in the global charity sector, gave her backing to the continued support and recognition of the nation's entrepreneurs.

"I think entrepreneurs are important because it is one of the most exciting new waves of what is happening in the world," she said. "And they really do make a difference in driving the economy forward.

"I think that ultimately everybody wants to make a difference, and as an entrepreneur you really get the chance to go for your vision."

Given the various reports focusing on women on boards, and steps to establish equality in that field, Bedingfield was quick to stress that the entrepreneurial sector doesn't have any of those traditional barriers.

"I think that it is an incredible dynamic for women," she said. "As women we can have challenges in some traditional roles, and entrepreneurship gives us freedom to pursue our goals and dreams."

The awards, to be held on November 19th during Global Entrepreneurship Week, will celebrate all areas of entrepreneurship and enterprise, including a variety of categories for entrepreneurs, enterprise, and champions of entrepreneurs.

The judging panel consists of leading entrepreneurs and business owners, including Chris Moss, Andrew Morris, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones and Dr Stephanie Hussels.

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