By Claire West

the Government has announced the 'Enterprise Visa’, to allow foreign nationals who have the funding in place to come to the UK to set up businesses, outside the proposed migrant cap.

Members of the UK200Group of independent accountancy and lawyer firms have commented on the proposals;

Jonathan Russell, partner, ReesRussell and vice-president, UK200Group:

“The enterprise visa is taking an idea already in use in many countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, where anyone wishing to settle there to set up a business must provide evidence not only of their expertise but also their financial banking.

“In today’s global economy it is vital to have as few hurdles as possible to attract generators of wealth and business to the UK. Not only do they bring enterprise and commerce but they and their businesses will pay taxes in this country which might otherwise go elsewhere.”

Andrew Watkin, partner, Baker Watkin said;

“I do not have a problem with this policy - look at the history of The United States. The foundation of this great economic powerhouse comprised the entrepreneurs who came from Europe - let's hope they can do the same for the UK.”