By Claire West

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has pledged to back small business, boost enterprise and be on the side of everyone who wants to create jobs, wealth and opportunity in the UK.

In his keynote speech at the Conservative Party Spring Forum in Cardiff David Cameron said:

"I know there's an enterprise culture in this country. I know we've got the people, the ideas, the talent, the energy to make things great. I'm going to make sure this government does everything it takes."

And he stressed, "The Budget in a few weeks time will tear down the barriers to enterprise and be the most pro-growth Budget this country has seen for a generation."

Concluding his speech, the Prime Minister added, "Together we'll create the businesses, we'll create the jobs, we'll create the opportunities, we'll light the spark of enterprise, we'll fire our economy, we'll drive our country forward. Together, we'll do it."