By Daniel Hunter

Dr Adam Marshall, British Chambers of Commerce’s Executive Director of Policy and External Affairs thinks that any reduced space capacity in the energy grid will cause major disruption for businesses.

His comments come following the National Grid’s announcement that planned generator closures and breakdowns have reduced the amount of spare capacity in the energy grid compared to last year.

“The prospect of energy shortages and rolling blackouts is simply unacceptable, as they may cause major disruption for British businesses," he said.

"For too long, the UK has failed to plan adequately to guarantee the energy supplies required for our economy, businesses and consumers. Businesses rely on a secure and stable supply of energy to keep production lines running, buildings operational and technology switched on.

“In our Business Manifesto we are calling on all parties to commit to developing and implementing a 50-year UK Energy Security Strategy — addressing one of the greatest long-term challenges facing the country, ensuring businesses have access to reliable sources of power.”

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