The outbreak of Covid-19 is costing businesses more than £1000 per employee each month in wasted time spent on video-conferencing, according to Wundamail research. Video-calling gives the illusion of collaboration, but Wundamail research reveals overindulging in pointless chit-chat is frustrating employees as 42% of individuals prefer to work in uninterrupted periods of time.

Video-calls are Disruptive for Employees

Over a third (42%) of remote workers surveyed felt they were “more productive” after working for a long period of uninterrupted time as they found having a continuous stream of virtual distractions on various apps distracting. On video calls, 1 in 3 (42%) people frequently dial in and contribute nothing, and over half of the respondents (58%) wish they spent less time on video-calls. And yet, nearly three quarters (73%) of respondents counted video-calls as “work-done”, which suggests video calls give a dangerous illusion of productivity, when in reality very little work is completed or produced.

Employees More Likely to Deliver on Actions Agreed in Writing

The most worrying attribute of video-conferencing for teams is the “lack of follow-up” after the virtual meeting - almost 1 in three (30%) of employees found this to be the biggest communication barrier in their team. People were three times more likely to deliver on actions agreed in writing than video, as they failed to remember key information.

Video Meetings Pose Multiple Communication Barriers

Nearly three quarters (73%) of people found technical issues to be the most prevalent problem in video meetings, followed closely by interruptions and people talking over one another (59%). 1 in 3 people suffered a lack of focus in video meetings.

Businesses need to reduce video-chatting and switch to written, automatic team updates. This will allow leaders to check-in with their remote employees independent of schedule and therefore boost team productivity levels.

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