By Daniel Hunter

4G mobile operator EE has topped Twitter's Top Ten list of best promoted product campaigns by brands on the platform for 2012.

The list, based on a combination of data including total engagements, reach and impressions, also features Dairy Milk, Coca Cola and EASports.

New 4G mobile operator EE was praised for the way they reached a wide audience on Twitter, using both Promoted Trends and Tweets, with interest and location-based targeting for its campaign in October.

Further to that they integrated their Twitter campaign with their overall advertising campaign.

Starbucks came second with their #FreeStarbucks campaign, in March, giving away free lattes to promote the launch of its new stronger coffee drink.

"Some of the best performing campaigns were just great product news, with a great story told well, and they don’t have to be gimmicky," Bruce Daisley, sales director of Twitter UK, told Marketing

Twitter's top 10 campaigns for 2012:

@EE, brand launch campaign, by MEC (October)
@StarbucksUK, #FreeStarbucks campaign, by Mannigottlieb OMD (March)
@Puma, Usain Bolt's 100 metre final campaign, by Zenith Optimedia (August)
@DairyMilk, sample giveaway for puzzle solvers, PHD (September)
@EASportsFifa, to promote the launch of Fifa13, MediaCom (September)
@EnterTheCabinUK, Lionsgate promotion for launch of the film 'Cabin in the Woods' by MEC (April)
@CokeZone, #freecocacola trend, by Carat (September)
@AdidasUK, Olympics closing ceremony campaign, by Carat (August)
@NowTV, Sky’s launch campaign, by MediaCom (August)
@AssembleLive, Disney Pictures promotion for launch of The Avengers movie from Disney Pictures, by Carat (April)

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