By Jonathan Davies

EE provides the fastest 4G and 3G speeds in the UK while Three lags behind the rest, according to the communications regulator Ofcom.

The study found that on average EE customers received download speeds of 18.4Mbps on its 4G network and 6.8Mbps on 3G.

O2 provided 4G download speeds of 15.6Mbps, followed by Vodafone with 14.3Mbps and Three's 10.7Mbps.

Vodafone performed better on its 3G networks with speeds of 6.7Mbps, just behind EE. O2 achieved 5.6Mbps on 3G and Three managed just 5.2Mbps.

Overall, the average download speed on 4G in the UK is 15.1Mbps and 6.1Mbps on 3G.

Each network faired the same with upload speeds; EE leads the way with 14.7Mbps whereas Three lagged behind with just 11.1Mbps.

But download speeds don't necessarily translate into the speed at which web pages are opened. Despite their slow download speeds, Three scored the fastest loading times at 0.62 seconds on 4G and 0.93 seconds on 3G.

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