By Maximilian Clarke

London’s schools are to be the focus of an enquiry aimed at boosting education levels and securing London’s role as a world leader for science and business.

Mayor Boris Johnson has asked former teacher and CEO of Generating Genius, Tony Sewell, to scope the format and key issues of the inquiry and a Chair and formal panel will be announced shortly. The inquiry will run for 10 months with an interim report due to be published in February and a final report next autumn.

Tony Sewell is an outspoken education commentator and former teacher who is the CEO of Generating Genius, a charity that has successfully placed children from disadvantaged backgrounds into top universities.

“London is a world leader in science, culture and business, and so our school system needs to keep up the pace,” said Sewell. “Failure is not an option for any of our children and we need to expect more and raise aspirations. We have some excellent state schools in the capital but our education system is facing some serious challenges today in terms of proper investment, raising aspiration, strengthening discipline and stretching children from all backgrounds. As someone with over 20 years experience in education, including in inner London, I believe this Inquiry is very timely and I am glad the Mayor is making this a priority.”

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