By Daniel Hunter

EDF Energy have agreed to pay a fine package worth £4.5 million following an Ofgem investigation which found they had breached their marketing licence conditions.

The payment, imposed by the regulator Ofgem, is the biggest of its kind and will include £3.5 million going to customers.

“EDF Energy has done the right thing by stepping forward and recognising there were weaknesses in its sales processes," Ofgem’s Senior Partner in charge of enforcement Sarah Harrison said.

"The firm also took the initiative to correct these problems during Ofgem’s investigation. This is an important step forward and demonstrates a commitment by EDF Energy towards re-establishing consumer trust which we welcome.

“In the energy market in general much more needs to be done to restore consumer confidence and all energy suppliers should now get behind Ofgem’s reforms to introduce a simpler, clearer and more competitive energy market.

“The good news is that we are seeing that energy suppliers, like EDF Energy, are themselves increasingly recognising that they need to make changes to restore trust and today’s announcement is part of this process.”

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