By Claire West

Commenting on Ed Miliband’s speech to Labour Party conference, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, Simon Hughes said:

“One speech can’t wash away his record as a key part of the New Labour government that trampled on our civil liberties and left our economy in ruins.

Ed Miliband was special advisor to Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor and voted for ID cards and 90 day detention without charge when he was in government.

“Labour can’t claim to have moved on until its policies and votes in Parliament reflect the seriousness of the mistakes Labour made and the problems they left.”

Graeme Leach, Director of Policy and Chief Economist at the Institute of Directors, said:

“Ed Miliband says that he wants Labour to be the ‘party of enterprise and small business’.

How are these sentiments reconcilable with a commitment to new employment regulations for agency workers and a large hike in the minimum wage?
Both measures would hurt small and large businesses, not support them. It is early days, but we detect a drift away from New Labour’s efforts to talk up a pro-enterprise agenda.”