By Jonathan Davies

Ed Miliband today (Tuesday) delivered his keynote speech at the Labour Party conference, outlining some of the party's key policies ahead of next year's general election.

The Labour leader six national goals "not just for one year or one term of office, but a plan for the next 10 years: Britain 2025".

Analysts have argued that it is the Labour Party's equivalent of the Conservative soundbite which is understood to have been so effective, "Long term economic plan".

Much of Labour's plan focuses on jobs. The first national goal is to tackle low pay. Ed Miliband pledged to halve the number of people in low paid work by 2025, raising the National Minimum Wage (NMW) to £8 by 2020 which will help more than two million people.

The second national goal is to secure equal rights for Britain's five million self employed people. He argued that the self employed, the most entrepreneurial people in the country, often struggle to cope financially. A Labour government would make conditions better for self employed people, the Labour leader argued.

Apprenticeships is another key goal of a Labour government, if it wins the general election. Ed Miliband said that the UK has fallen behind in offering apprenticeships. He suggested schools discourage their students from embarking on an apprenticeship. But he wants to boost the number of people in apprenticeships, so much so that it would be on par with the number of people going to university.

The Labour leader wants to make the UK a 'green leader'. Mr Miliband said a Green Investment Bank would be set up and given powers and funds to provide investment for businesses to develop 'green' technology.

The country's housing market has been a hot topic over the past 12 months. And Ed Miliband said Labour would boost house building, creating hundreds of new towns, green cities and suburbs with the overall aim of doubling the number of first-time buyers.

Finally, Mr Miliband promised to create a "world class" NHS, reversing the spending cuts imposed on the health service in recent years. He said it would bring thousands of new jobs for nurses and doctors.

How would a Labour government pay for it? Not by borrowing 'a penny more' Ed Miliband said. Instead he plans to impose the much rumoured 'Mansion Tax' on properties over £2 million. He said a crackdown on tax avoidance, including that undertaken by hedge funds, would help to pay for the NHS. And there was bad news for tobacco companies, with plans for greater taxation on 'companies who put the country's health at risk' was announced.

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