By Daniel Hunter

The economic recovery should be much further along as the government enters its fifth in power, according to the GMB union.

The GMB pointed to GDP per head, which is still 3% below 2007 levels. The union said it's the reason most workers have seen little or no evidence of any recovery.

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary, said "This is the fifth Christmas with this Government in power and while the recovery underway is welcome, it should be much further ahead. There are too many households this Christmas with jobless workers.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) today revealed that UK unemployment fell by 63,000 to 1.96 million.

"Much of the additional economic activity we have seen is due to population growth. The key figure of GDP per head is still 3% below 2007 levels. That is the reason most workers have seen little or no evidence of any recovery. See notes to editors for changes in GDP per head since 2007," Mr Kenny added.

"The Government has been penny wise and pound foolish in too many areas. For example, training places for nurses in NHS have been oversubscribed by 10 applicants for each place. Cuts in the number of training places to save money has now led to huge bills for agency nurses and recruitment of nurses from elsewhere in EU.

"This is not sensible nor is it an isolated case of where setting out to save money actually costs more in the end. It is why George Osborne will borrow more money in five years than Labour Chancellors did in the previous 13 years."

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, said that "not only has there been an increase in jobs but two thirds of those jobs created have been managerial and professional". And he even claimed that the majority of jobs created in the three months to the end of October were full-time and that "no one that has sought a full time job in the last year has failed to find one".

Whilst generally praised for reducing the number of unemployed people in the UK, the government has faced criticism over the number of people in zero-hour contracts and low-paid positions.

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