By Marcus Leach

It was announced on Wednesday that the draft Civil Aviation Bill will replace the current economic regulation duties of the aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), with a single primary duty to promote the interests of passengers.

Commenting on the announcement by the Secretary of State for Transport, easyJet Chief Executive Carolyn McCall said they were in support of the measures.

“easyJet strongly supports these reforms, which puts the passenger at the heart of aviation policy and recognises the key role airlines can play to deliver this outcome," she said.

"Giving the Civil Aviation Authority the ability to draft licences gives them more flexibility about how they set airport charges, and how long for. This change brings the CAA in line with other UK regulators.

"We are particularly pleased that, following easyJet and other airlines’ lobbying a right of appeal has been given to airlines in the process of setting charges at regulated airports. This recognises how our interests are aligned with our passengers, and that we represent their views well.

"We also welcome the additional powers available to the CAA, which includes penalties of up to 10% of an airport turnover. This means that they can discipline market abuse by airports in a more proportionate and effective way.

"easyJet looks forward to supporting the bill going through Parliament and working with the CAA using this new framework.”

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