By Fleet 21, featured in Co-Pilot, Volvo

A safe driving policy is essential to set the rules your staff must follow when driving for work and to protect the business. It can also help you start to reduce the frequency and severity of any crashes but it is only the first part of what needs to be a broader programme.

To create a safer driving culture, you need to get your drivers to willingly adopt safer behaviour. While a policy sets out the rules – such an when they can and can’t use a mobile phone – a safer driving culture involves giving drivers the knowledge and awareness behind the facts. The knowledge empowers your drivers to choose not to use their phone because they find the increased risk to themselves and others is unacceptable.

Successfully building and strengthening your safer driving culture reduces the risks of a collision and should therefore help to reduce the overall costs of running your vehicles.

In order to start improving your safer driving culture, you should be communicating regularly about key issues that affect the safety of your drivers. Often, employers do this through a series of monthly toolbox talks or email safety updates.

The key element here is that each should reinforce a key part of your driver policy. Often employers issue a driver policy as part of their induction process but once an employee has been in place for a few years they might even forget ever having received it. Regular communication to remind your drivers of the main rules and safety messages is therefore essential.

To help with this process Fleet21 produces a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ driver safety updates which reinforce these key points and give drivers the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. And well informed drivers are the ones who will lead the improvement in your safer driving culture.

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