By Lea Pachta

I caught up with Dragon’s Den tycoon Peter Jones to discuss some of his thoughts on being an entrepreneur and where he draws his inspiration and new ideas.

Lea: Who from history would make a great entrepreneur?
Peter: I have always admired Churchill, I think his qualities such as perseverance and determination would have made him a great entrepreneur.

Lea: Where do you get your best ideas?
Peter: Anywhere, I am always thinking of new things.
I come up with new ideas at anytime at anyplace — something small can inspire me, such as walking in the park with my kids or simply being in a business meeting with my team.

Lea: Do you use anyone to sanity check an idea?
Peter: Yes, I have 3 or 4 key Executives in my business who I use as sounding blocks

Lea: What is 'the one that got away'?
Peter: I am really happy with all my Dragons’ Den investments and I think I have a great portfolio.
Lots of people tell me that the Trunke cases are doing very well and I must admit my kids nagged me about them every time we’re going through the airport!

Lea: Anything exciting happening at the moment?
Peter: A new intake of students has started today (14th September) at The National Enterprise Academy (NEA) in Amersham — I am very proud of the NEA and truly believe we can improve the entrepreneurial capabilities of the U.K.

We even have a new Twitter and Facebook account so we can stay in touch with current and potential students and stay in touch with other entrepreneurs.