By Deepa Dhillon, Campaign Master UK Ltd

With the plethora of marketing tools available and all promising to improve upon your current marketing efforts, what is key to your decision making? Cost, ease of use, features, integration? The list goes on.

However, when deciding on which email marketing platform to use, there is an additional option to consider. Do you opt for a drag and drop editor provider, which is easier to use and allows you to build a campaign quickly, yet restricts how creative you can be? Or do you go for a fully flexible open editor allowing your creative juices to run free?

We've created the following lists to outline the pros and cons of each editor to help you make the best decision for your business.

Pros of Drag & Drop

• Simple to use with graphic layout presentation
• Good for non-technical users
• Fix mistakes easily
• Automatic mobile optimisation
• Library of standard templates but can be customised too
• Replicate and place content easily
• Minimum training required

Cons of Drag & Drop

• Limited creative flexibility for more technical users
• Limited to using provided blocks only
• No access to HTML code (however will be available in our D&D editor soon)
• Standard mobile optimisation i.e. stacked content only not fully responsive so cannot hide and show
• Can't upload customer templates
• Campaigns can look the same as other companies / competitors
• Limited use of available techniques such as VMLcode for background images

Pros of Open Editor

• Immediately recognisable format i.e. MS Word
• Full access to HTML code for advanced coding
• Upload bespoke HTMLs
• Flexible with mobile optimisation so stack and/or show and hide content
• Custom built email templates can be uploaded/imported
• Uniquely styled templates

Cons of Open Editor

• Can be difficult for less technical users
• Difficult to make changes depending on your content
• Possible rendering issues if code not correct
• Mobile optimisation code needs to be added manually