By Doug Richard

I don’t want to die with the job undone. I can’t stay silent when there’s so much to say and I don’t get why people don’t get what needs to be done.

We are in the middle of a revolution. But we are so accustomed to change that we don’t even notice how fast the change is coming.

Next week is Global Entrepreneurship Week. Across 101 countries in thousands of events people will celebrate the one obvious truth that can change the world: that entrepreneurs are alchemists: they change lead into gold.

How else can a worker become a boss? How else does an hourly wage become equity in the business? Who else turns personal gain into worldwide transformation? What other group creates new levels of wealth and prosperity by tearing down oligarchic sclerotic institutions that hold back the broadest swathes of society?

Recently I wrote an essay explaining why we need an entrepreneurs union. You might check it out. It states the obvious: that entrepreneurs let people who work do more and create more jobs so more people can work.

So next week I am over-committing myself. I will be at Google for the Global Entrepreneurship Week Launch on Monday morning and at E-bay for the Online Business Forum on Monday afternoon.

On Monday evening I will be hosting a global broadcast of our web TV show Is Greed Good in partnership with The Good Deals Conference. Our goal is to focus the minds of our social entrepreneurs and to let the world know that the UK leads in social enterprise.

On Tuesday morning I will be speaking at Sift’s Pitch finals. I will be video-linking with the help of UKTI into Italy to speak to Tiziana Marcuccio.

On Tuesday afternoon I will be in Birmingham across the debate from Vince Cable at the AoC.

And on Tuesday evening I will be presenting at the Good Web Guide Awards in London.

On Wednesday I will be speaking at the School for Entrepreneurship’s Global 2020 Conference in Stockholm and on Thursday evening I will be in Sheffield at for the launch of MADE 2011.

Friday morning you will find me at the British Library mentoring start-ups and Friday evening at the GEW party.

My goal is to never give the same speech twice. Never to use notes. And to still be standing when it’s over.

We only live once. We should wear ourselves out. Time is short and entrepreneurship can be learned, thus must be taught.

I hope you join me.