By Daniel Hunter

More than two thirds of Brits check their smartphones before getting out of bed in the morning, according to digital research company, Toluna.

A whopping 70% of UK respondents said they regularly check their phones before hopping out of bed, compared to 60% in the US.

The increased use of smartphones highlights the importance consumers place on being able to access the internet at all times, in all places. In addition to checking their smartphones first thing in the morning, a third (32%) of UK consumers admit they check their smartphones if they wake up in the night.

Meanwhile, a significant 58% of smartphone users take a look at their phone immediately before going to bed. These results highlight just how integral connected devices have become in consumers’ daily lives and how many may struggle to switch off from the online world.

“As consumers use multiple devices to access the internet, it is becoming more important to understand how habits are changing,” explained Paul Twite, Managing Director, UK, Toluna.

“With UK consumers active on the internet at all times of the day, and in all locations, it is important for marketers to be able to provide engaging content outside of traditional time frames. It is also vital to react quickly to trending themes and stories in order to meet the high expectations of an audience that is always switched on.”

Do you check your smartphone before getting up in the morning? Or do you set yourself time away from your phone? You can email your reactions to

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