With research showing that skilled migrant workers from the Antipodes - Australia, New Zealand and South
Africa - are potentially up by 35% since last year, do UK workers worry about this influx of talent from
overseas. Or is the government focusing attention in the wrong place by trying to restrict their entry to the UK?

This is the question being posed by recruitment specialist Poolia as it launches a major online campaign to
attract new candidates. Running initially for a three month period, Poolia is using a new web site
(www.poolianoticeboard.co.uk) to find the answer to the question - “What do you think about foreigners
working in the UK?”

Olivia Yost, Pooliaʼs Business Development Director said, “We help to recruit a lot of UK candidates for
permanent roles across London, and we often use Antipodean candidates to fill temp roles as we find UK
workers are much less interested in these roles and there is frequently a real shortage of suitable qualified
candidates. Weʼre really concerned that the governmentʼs plans to crack down on migrant workers in general
will close the door to a pool of talent which is vitally needed by employers to fill these types of roles.

Yost concluded, “Weʼre running the survey because weʼre interested to know how our home candidates feel
about those who come from overseas. Our responses to date suggest people are not concerned about this
trend. Around 20% think employees from other countries add value to the organisation and 40% are
indifferent. But weʼd like to get a lot more responses to get a broader sense of what people think.”

Please participate in the survey by going to www.poolianoticeboard.co.uk.