By Claire West

Since 2005 JGFR has been tracking consumer attitudes to the London Olympics alongside regular studies of consumer confidence, financial activity and banking relationships.

The latest survey shows that for millions of people London 2012 exceeded expectations.

Over the 7 years of the Olympics Barometer around 27% of adults expected the London Olympics to be the greatest sporting event of their life.

Post the Olympics 47% of adults felt this to be true.

A quarter of adults line the streets to see Olympic torch and free Olympics events; 17% watch ticketed events.

But has the Olympics boosted economic prospects?
In June 2005 before the bid was won 35% of adults indicated that winning the bid would boost their confidence in prospects for the UK economy.

Since then fewer people have on average expected an Olympics economic boost, with a low of 19% and a high of 40% in August 2011.

Post the Games 35% of people believe that staging the Games has boosted their confidence about economic prospects — the same as before the bid was won — and unlike other gauges of sentiment towards the Games always a minority belief.