By Claire West

Broadcaster/journalist Liz Barclay has been interviewed following the results of the latest sustainability research jointly published by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and fast.MAP, in conjunction with ONEPOST.

Liz Barclay comments “Customers increasingly want to know that the firms they deal with are behaving in an environmentally responsible way. Any business that thinks that it can afford to ignore that message is kidding
itself. There is real value for them in being green so if you are behaving responsibly towards the environment take every opportunity to tell your customers. Direct mail is an ideal vehicle to showcase your environmental
credentials through messages and packaging.”

Luan Wise, Marketing Manager at ONEPOST comments “The research shows that the recycle logo is perceived as the most recognisable marquee denoting a company’s environmental responsibility. Adding a logo and a short explanation about the recycled content of the direct mail pack and its
recyclability really is very easy. We see a large number of direct mail packs that don’t carry this information — consumers expect it to be there and the research shows that it does build consumer trust. Good data hygiene and targeting is also key — customers lose trust in a brand if
they are bombarded with irrelevant material.”

Luan’s top tips to demonstrate your environmental credentials;

• Include a recycle logo on the outside of your mail pack. Research shows that this gives a clear indication that your business is environmentally friendly, with good business ethics.

• Let your customers know what you are doing and why. Include a short environmental message on the reverse of the envelope and consumers will respond more positively.

• Think carefully about the use of poly-wrap — 41% of consumers researched regard poly-wrapped mail as a non green signal. Consider ‘mailing naked’ if there are no inserts.

• Use a downstream access (DSA) postal solution — DSA mail arrives within 2-3 days Vs up to 7 days from Royal Mail’s Mailsort 3 discounted bulk mail product.

• Save money on your postage costs by sending environmentally friendly direct mail. Additional discounts (up to 0.7p per item) are available for mailings meeting a number of criteria which include the use of recycled
paper, inclusion of a recycle logo and data cleansing best practice.