By Thomas Eason

Leading International Direct Marketing Services provider Data Services, Inc. turns 45 in 2012.

Founded in 1967, Data Services, Inc., a leading provider of US, Canadian & International data quality and related direct and email marketing services, celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2012. “It is our continued commitment to meeting the needs of our clients and delivering on promises of second-to-none quality and customer service that has not only sustained us as a company, but has allowed us to grow and prosper” commented Data Services’ President/CEO Jerry Messer. He continued, “It is this dedication that has allowed Data Services to remain successful through both evolutions in the direct marketing landscape as well as economic ups and downs.”

Data Services, Inc. was founded in 1967 as a supplier of computer services to companies in the Salisbury, Maryland area. In subsequent years, Data Services evolved and innovated to not only maintain the room-sized mainframe computers of the day, but to provide services that would ensure the quality and accuracy of the direct marketing data contained within them. In 1986, Data Services solidified its place as a pioneer in the international direct marketing and international direct mail data processing fields when it worked in cooperation with Canada Post to initially develop the first Letter Carrier Presort (LCP) system and later the very first Canadian Address Hygiene service.

Those initial steps into the international direct mail data hygiene arena were followed up with the provision of similar data quality services in other global markets and today Data Services, Inc. is able to provide address quality services for postal data from 240 countries & territories as well as email address cleansing and verification services.

As Data Services’ Vice President Keith Messer noted, “Data Services continued to be known as a thought leader in the field of US, Canadian and international direct marketing services. Whether it’s being one of the first companies to craft a list rental count and fulfillment system in List Express (LEX), being an early developer of fully automated data processing solutions, which are known to our clients today as eCASS, eCanada and eWorld, or launching an interactive division with email data quality, email broadcasting and campaign management services to meet our clients online direct marketing needs, Data Services’ reputation for innovation and quality has stood the test of time and we are committed to ensuring this reputation is earned well into the future.”

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