Managing Data Protection

By Jason Sullock, New Customer Marketing Manager, Sage

Any organisation handling personal information needs to be aware of legislation surrounding data protection. The Sage whitepaper 'Managing Data Protection' offers guidance on the issues connected to data protection and outlines precautions you can take to prevent problems from arising.

All personal information you hold about customers, suppliers, prospects and employees is covered by the Data Protection Act. When it comes to employees’ information, the Act covers eight key principles, including requirements that data must be fairly and lawfully collected and processed and that it should be used only for limited and well-explained purposes. A complete breakdown of these principles can be found in the 'Managing Data Protection' white paper.

The whitepaper also takes a comprehensive look at information security. Information security is the process of auditing the risks associated with the information your business holds and taking measures to reduce those risks. For example, you may put certain policies in place to limit how specific information is used within your business, or you may revisit management systems, handing responsibility for data security to one key member of staff. Other measures your business may take to improve information security include risk assessments, training and using preventative technologies.

Business continuity planning is another subject covered in the 'Managing Data Protection' white paper. You need to have plans in place to ensure your business could continue to function if your data was lost via human error, system failures or another cause. On a day-to-day basis, your business should apply good IT housekeeping habits, storing and backing up data carefully using one of a variety of recommended methods. These are outlined in 'Managing Data Protection', allowing you to weigh up which is most suitable for you as you evaluate your business and its approach to data protection.

In 'Managing Data Protection' you will find guidance on fortifying your business against breaches of Data Protection Law, and ensure that all the information you hold is properly used and stored.

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