By www.mozy.co.uk

Ever searched backwards and forwards through your inbox to try and find an email that you know was there, only to give up and accept that it’s gone? Imagine if that happened to all your emails. Imagine if it happened to every document on your computer; or every document on all your computers!

60 per cent of businesses would close if they lost their data for more than 48 hours, so, to help make sure that it never happens to you, here are some tips to avoid losing your critical data from Mozy, the world’s most trusted provider of online backup services:

1)Make a copy of everything that’s important to you. This is just common sense, it’s like having a spare set of keys.

2)Make another copy of everything that’s important to you. CDs get lost, drives fail and anything could happen to your first copy. Unless your data exists in three places, it might not exist at all.

3)Store at least one copy of your data offsite. Keeping all the copies of your files in the same place is like putting all your eggs in one basket.

4)Make sure your backups are current. A copy of your customer database from last month isn’t going to include your latest leads. Back up daily at the very least.

5)Back up all the data that’s important. If you’re only backing up the server, but everyone saves their documents to the drives in their laptops, then valuable business information is at risk

6)Automate your backups. It’s easy for backups to fall off the bottom of a to-do list so don’t risk it — find a solution that will provide regular and automated backups.

7)Sort the wheat from the chaff. Most of us have both important business documents and valueless personal files living side by side on our computers. Set rules for what to back up so you don’t waste time and money backing up someone’s iTunes collection.

8)Choose the right medium for your backups. If you’re constantly updating files, DVD copies may be cheap but will quickly go out of date. They might be more appropriate as archives rather than for backup purposes.

9)Go back and check the copies you’ve made. Regularly carry out a practice ‘restore’ of your data. This is the best way to ensure your backup strategy is working.

10)Don’t get hung up on backup. Manually carrying out backups, burning disks and dragging and dropping folders can be a chore. Don’t let it take over your life, use a solution that let’s you create rules for what you want to back up so that it can do all the work for you.

Over one million customers and 60,000 businesses trust Mozy with over 70 petabytes of backup information. For more information on Mozy or to try it for free visit: www.mozy.co.uk