By Adrian Swinscoe, Director, RARE Business

The term Raving Fans was first coined by Ken Blanchard in his book by the same name. These are customers who are so over the moon with your business and service you provide that they will not only tell all their friends and colleagues about you but, actually bring them to you and help you make sales to them.

It’s a frightening fact of business life that we spend between six and eight times as much money attempting to attract new customers to our businesses than we do to up-sell, on-sell and generally over service our existing customers.

Another frightening fact is that, reportedly, up to 70% of our customers who stop buying from us do so simply because of a perceived indifference - i.e. we didn’t have the time or presence of mind to show that we care. Our businesses may not have done anything wrong, its just that the customer thought the organisation didn’t care enough!

Would you like your customers to shout your name from rooftops telling people why, if they’re not dealing with you, they’re missing out on something great? Here are some simple tips that you can introduce in your business today. They will help you keep your customers coming back and bringing their friends with them.

- Send them thank you cards

- Give them exactly what they need not what you want to sell them

- Use their name - people like the personal touch

- Call them up from time to time for no other reason than just to make sure everything is going well

- Let them know about new developments or stock that you may think they would like

- Follow up and follow up again

- Make great promises and then over-deliver

Try to implement just a few of these tips.

If you care for your customers, your customers will care for you and help you to grow your business. It is a simple as that.

Adrian Swinscoe is Director of RARE Business - adrian@rarebusiness.co.uk


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