By Claire West

ZDNet has published CRM Watchlist 2012, an annual review of the most influential CRM players. BPMonline, that had skyrocketed after victory in the CRM Idol contest, joined the list of 24 CRM leaders.

BPMonline provides the CRM solution that enables users to develop highly customized BPM frameworks, rules, and apply processes to the specific needs. But in contrast to its competitors, such as Sword-Ciboodle and Pega, BPMonline ensures deep user-friendly customization at an incredibly inexpensive price point.

The category of process-driven CRM solutions is highly endorsed by Forrester, and now this segment of CRM market is flourishing. A CRM solution that is built on the BPM platform delivers 5 tangible benefits. It helps a business:

drive innovations by enabling companies implement changes the best and the easiest way
boost implementation of best practices by providing employees with contextual knowledge and the agility to utilize it
streamline internal communication, and by this accelerating response to customer requests
improve customer experience by delivering front-office employees right information in time
automate routine, time consuming tasks

Katerina Kostereva, BPMonline CEO, commented BPMonline’s inclusion to the CRM Watchlist 2012: “The future of CRM lies within the clients’ process automation. Proper management of these processes enables businesses to get more tangible outcome from usage of customer information. BPMonline CRM is our innovative solution that has united broad opportunities for business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM). We are sure this technology will maximize its influence on the CRM market in the coming years”.

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