By Maximilian Clarke

A 4.4% drop in overall crime in East London has apparently come at the expense of rises in incidences of murder and rape, crime figures show.

Rapes have shot up by a 68% and drug trafficking by 90% since Mayor Boris Johnson came to office, whilst murders are also up, by 27%.

Graffiti, on the other hand, has dropped by a fifth.

Causes for the spikes in serious crime have yet to be explained, though the latest figures will undoubtedly add to opposition cuts to police budgets.

“Any fall in crime is of course welcome, but the spike in serious offences is a big worry and something the Mayor should look at urgently,” said Local London Assembly member, John Biggs. “The headline fall in crime hides a multitude of sins. The Mayor needs to focus more on stopping serious crime. Reductions in other areas are of course welcome but the crimes that wreck lives need a sharper focus.”

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