By Daniel Hunter

Content marketing already accounts for £1 in every £5 spent on marketing (according to the CMA), and it only looks to increase in 2015.

So what does this mean for B2B businesses and in particular organisations that aren’t digital natives?

Nick James is Head of Content at Freshly Made Content and here’s his suggestions as to what B2B marketers should do:

"Create a content strategy – don’t just work on an ad-hoc basis – of course it’s easier for larger businesses to have departments devoted to digital but never before has the marketing playing field been so level.

In the past expensive videos, big exhibition stands and double page spread advertising in trade magazines was out of the reach of many businesses.

Now video is much more affordable and distribution is cost-effective.

Creating ‘How to Guides’ digital magazines, regular news articles and opinion pieces offers businesses the opportunity to communicate effectively with customers, stakeholders and industry experts can very easily amplify your messages with the click of a ‘share’ button.

However you really do need to consider distribution – as stated before ‘What’s the point in having quality content if no-one sees it?’

Great content can also generate leads – find out more.

Great content will vary from industry to industry but here are the five golden rules:
1. Great content is relevant
2. Great content is ‘fresh’
3. Great content is sharable
4. Great content solves problems
5. Great content attracts an audience

Content is also massively important for SEO – if you get the structure of your website right, play by Google’s rules and deliver regular ‘fresh’ content over time you will see dramatic increases to your online visibility."