By Jonathan Davies

Authenticity Rules is the platform launched by Craig Goldblatt, a sought after speaker whose experiences and words teach people how to get ahead by enriching their lives and businesses with authenticity.

Ahead of its launch, I chatted to Craig about what authenticity in business means.

How do you define authenticity and particularly authenticity in business?

To me there’s two worlds that we live in – there’s our internal world and our external world. And our external world I call everything ‘skin out’, so our external world is our house, our car, our family, everything around us. And our internal world is our feelings, our thoughts, our heart, who we are at the deepest level.

Our authenticity is judged on our behaviour and how we interact with other people: do we tell other people the truth? Are we honest, and do we create integrity outside of ourselves; in other words, do we tell them the truth? Rather than ‘am I telling myself the truth?’ So authenticity is living the way that I want to live in business.

Why do you think consumers are so eager for authentic relationships with businesses?

I think that we’ve had an overload of information and I feel that people are crying out to have deeper relationships, and to have a real conversation with people.

How can businesses seek to be truly authentic?

I think it’s about seek first to understand. I think people can be authentic when they know somebody, and I think it’s not growing for growing’s sake. I think it’s just valuing our people more, and value who they are. That’s it, really.

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