How many times have you checked your inbox this morning? Did you have several emails to respond to following a busy weekend? Has it affected your productivity? If yes, then maybe you should take part in today’s (6th June 2016) ‘No Email Day’.

Now in its sixth year, ‘the day encourages businesses to avoid their inboxes for 24 hours in a bid to boost productivity and collaboration, and to analyse how they communicate internally and with customers.

Phil Winfield, head of communications at Neopost, comments: “While email provides immense benefits in terms of speed and cost, we all know how easy it is to become slaves to our inboxes. Many emails do not reach their intended recipient due to filters and firewalls, and organisations may be unaware of important messages that go unanswered in personal inboxes. While No Email Day serves as a reminder that email should be used more sparingly and thoughtfully, the need to deal with emails is a fact of life and they must be managed as part of a multi-channel communication strategy.

“Businesses must also remember that while email may be the simplest method of communicating, it isn’t always the most effective. Markets are now consumer-driven and companies must deliver engaging communication strategies that ensure customers are sent the right message at the right time via the method which suits their needs. Organisations that take a more savvy approach and use the entire communication spectrum to exploit the habits of their customers will find it easier to build lasting profitable connections.”