Ben Dyer, Founder of The National Enterprise Challenge, reviews

Could I Do That?
By Simon Hartley

Running a business is arguably the quickest way to learn about yourself, your weaknesses and how you cope with criticism and obstacles, your strengths and how you cope with your ego – entrepreneurship is a crash course in self discovery!

It is no coincidence that the most successful entrepreneurs with thriving businesses, are the individuals whose characters are rich with adjectives such as resilience, vision and balance. Author Simon Hartley, a respected sport psychology and performance coach, essentially argues that how we do anything is how we do everything, and this book successfully educates readers on how to broach the gap between us, and the things we would like to achieve.

The advice (and there is lots of practical tips and food for thought) varies from the downright obvious “Surround yourself with positive people” to the thought provoking “the value of negativity – when our weaknesses are highlighted we know what we need to strengthen” and overall, even though anyone already on the entrepreneurial train is likely to be aware of much of the content of this book, it is a wonderfully simplistic refresher course in the importance of mental self mastery in business.

Well worth a read by anyone who needs a holistic pick-me-up, and essential reading for those lacking the gumption to take action on their business ideas.