By Marcus Leach

Cornwall is not a location necessarily associated with cutting edge software development; however, investment in the region’s data infrastructure appears to be reaping returns as a series of global brands look to move their software development work into the area.

HeadForwards, an outsourced development solutions company, has just signed NTT Europe, a subsidiary of NTT Communications the international and long distance arm of NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) and is in negotiations with another two international brands, just a few months into the new venture.

NTT is one of the largest telecommunications companies, ranked 31st in the Fortune global 500 list of 2011, and the contract with NTT Europe has helped the company secure a position as one of the region’s fastest growing businesses.

“We looked at various outsourcing options and locations around the world as well as the UK and found HeadForwards to be a very attractive new alternative. Being located in the UK they work in the same timezone, language and country as our internal team," John Salter, Director of Operation Support Systems, NTT Europe said.

“We need high quality software developed with the agility to meet our changing business needs and HeadForwards has enabled us to do just that. They have seamlessly integrated the new outsourced team with our existing internal team. This gives us every confidence that HeadForwards are the right outsourcing option for NTT Europe.”

HeadForwards employs the latest Agile project management methodologies designed to allow teams to work efficiently without impacting on the flexibility of the client’s requirements. With businesses needing to adapt rapidly to change in the marketplace the Agile approach has provided international clients with an attractive solution for their ongoing technical development.

Director, Toby Parkins explains how the company has been able to attract the talent required to deliver the complex projects undertaken.

“We have been able to attract some of the very best software developers working in the UK today as a result of our unique location. Not only do we have beaches on our doorstep, but a state of the art office with 100mbps internet speeds,” he said.

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