By Daniel Hunter

Research just released shows that organisations that invest in customer service excellence are likely to receive additional purchases from 53% of customers.

Moreover, 59% of consumers will pay a premium for products or services where they believe they are likely to receive good service.

Customers were asked about which experiences of customer service they tend to share with others; 82% of consumers would share a bad customer service experience, compared to 55% who would share a good experience.

Other results include:

· When buying a product or service worth £500, 53% of respondents would be willing to pay a premium, with 44% paying up to 9% more, and 9% paying 10% or more.

· On average respondents are willing to pay a 2.9% premium for good service.

“Our YouGov survey further demonstrates that investment in customer service has a huge impact on an organisation’s revenues and brand perception,” said Jonathan Chevallier, Strategic Development Director at Cognito.

“Marketing investment without a real eye on delivery and front line service is wasted, with consumers deciding for themselves which brands they can rely on to deliver. Moreover, they are willing to spend more in a recession, which is something all companies can learn from.”

Mike Timlett, IT Director, CitySprin, echoed the findings of the report in his comments.

“As a company whose mission it is to provide an innovative approach to customer service, we have seen the tremendous impact a continued focus on this area can have,” he said.

“The cost of bad service is not always immediately visible, but we witness the benefits of good service every day — this survey reinforces exactly why it is so important to business.”

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