By Marcus Leach

Northern Rock's latest video has put consumers in the spotlight as they
reveal that by far their biggest money worry is paying the mortgage each month.

The bank took to the streets to find out what concerns people most about
their finances, and the overwhelming majority of consumers confirmed their
mortgage payment was their biggest financial worry.

As recent research undertaken by Northern Rock showed, many UK mortgage
borrowers coming to the end of their fixed rate deal could be better off if
they took a mortgage with Northern Rock. The bank is confident it can help
reduce this concern for customers, and put them back in control of their

"Fixed rate pricing across the market is at an all-time low and we continue to offer some very attractive deals, as well as our Freedom to Fix option, a Tracker which gives customers the opportunity to fix if interest rates should start to rise," Lloyd Cochrane, Head of Lending Products at Northern Rock said.

"We believe we can help many of these consumers to reduce their anxiety over
their monthly mortgage payment by helping them find a Northern Rock mortgage that works for them. Whether you'd like the security of knowing what your payment will be for the next two years or you’re looking for more
flexibility, we’re sure we have an option to suit you."

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