By Ben Simmons

A UK-wide computer glitch yesterday (Thursday) that left all branches of the Post Office unable to conduct basic tasks, has garnered the attention of consumer groups who brand the fiasco ‘concerning’.

Commenting on the outages, Andy Burrows, Head of Post Office Services at Consumer Focus stresses the importance of local post offices on communities:

“We are concerned that this is the fourth major service interruption in the Post Office’s electronic systems in nine months. We will be meeting with Post Office Limited to understand how the problem will be addressed.

“The problems seem to be nationwide and have resulted in several hours of inconvenience for post office customers. Most branches have only been able to accept cash payments and do manual transactions such as selling stamps. We have heard some branches have decided to close early for the day — leaving customers without access to services. Customers need post office services, including the collection of benefits and pensions, to be reliable and resilient.”