By Claire West

Lord Young, a former minister in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet, was appointed by the Prime Minister in June this year to look at health and safety rules and the growth of the compensation culture. His report, to be published later this month, will also suggest stripping away much of the red tape assosicated with teachers taking children on school trips.

In a speech at Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, he will outline a series of measures to tackle the compensation culture, including looking at introducing a 'good samaritan' clause so that members of the public cannot be prosecuted for well-intentioned voluntary acts.

Speaking ahead of his speech, Lord Young said:

"The compensation culture is out of control. We must move the balance back. It's about changing the mindset. Our message is: just use common sense.

"Schools are not allowing pupils to go on days out because they are scared they will be liable if an accident happens. That's nonsense, and that's not going to continue, unless a teacher is really negligent. In the ordinary course of events, accidents happen."