By Daniel Hunter

The Worldwide Partners’ Advertising Confidence Index, comprising of 89 independent global advertising agencies, predict their clients will spending most of their budgets on TV advertising throughout 2012.

The second largest advertising spend globally will be online, with print coming in third place contrary to the IPA Bellwether Report* findings, which stated that companies were keen to cut spending on traditional main media.

For the first time the index has specifically asked agencies about their predictions for budget spend. The findings support the recent trend in the UK around TV advertising’s future looking strong and online and print will coming second and third place.

Al Moffatt, President and CEO of WPI, comments: “With media commentators long predicting digital will overshadow traditional media such as TV and print, our findings reveal that TV advertising is making a resurgence as brands realise it is still a strong medium for reaching a mass market.”

Only CEOs in Latin America have predicted their largest spending category will be elsewhere, in print advertising.

In North America, TV is first followed by online and print third. Asia Pacific predicts TV first again, followed by outdoor and radio third. Europe and the Middle East predict TV tied first with online followed by outdoor.

Most CEOs (35%), with the exception of Latin America, say their clients are doing an equal amount of brand and product/price advertising. Globally, 27% claim their clients are doing more product/price advertising as a way to stimulate short-term sales, rather than standard brand-equity advertising.

Globally, agencies feel confidence is high among clients in terms of new business for the next six months at a 119 index (vs 106 in December). North America has also shot up to 126 from an index of 114 in December.

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