By Daniel Hunter

New figures have revealed that there is a growing focus on talent attraction as companies become increasingly concerned about retaining their key talent.

The findings, from market research firm ORC International, have been released from the company’s global HR Reflections survey, which received 365 responses from HR personnel in the UK across 20 different sectors.

The company found 63% of respondents felt that there is a talent crisis because it is harder to attract the right people than it was 12 months ago. The employee attributes which are the most sought after were also revealed as collaboration, communication and flexibility.

In terms of retention, 36% of respondents felt their organisation was not keeping hold of the best talent, compared to 27% last year. One quarter also believed employees were becoming more mobile and that their business was in danger of losing key talent.

The research also highlighted that although the economic uncertainty of the last 12 months has taken its toll, more people are feeling brighter about the economy than last year. Nearly one quarter said the UK outlook was ‘slightly better’ and 8% said it was ‘much brighter’. As a result, 50% said the main focus of their organisations for the next 12 months was growth and 26% chose stability.

Leadership development and engagement also emerged as key challenges in the coming year. Just 17% said that their company was good at engaging its employees and fully supported their health and wellbeing, down 10 points from last year. HR professionals also stated the three characteristics in leaders that are most important in these times of change are; inspirational leadership (59%), customer obsession (42%) and competitive instinct (36%).

“Our study shows that the focus on engagement and health and wellbeing in many organisations has fallen during recent times," Kate Pritchard, Director of Employee Research Europe, at ORC International said.

"As the economy slowly improves, employers are realising that engaging their people is vital to not only retaining their talent, but to attracting the best candidates in the labour market.”

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