By Daniel Hunter

New research conducted by IntaPeople IT Recruitment has revealed that 91% of UK consumers have been annoyed by cold sales techniques.

Of those who were willing to buy through an unsolicited medium, personalised ads or sales pitches represented a clear opportunity for businesses.

Cold sales calls were the worst offenders (74%), with PPI calls following closely behind (71%).

Other communications that got on people’s nerves were marketing text messages, irrelevant online ads and unsolicited mail.

Even though cold communications annoy us, it seems that UK consumers and businesses are more open to sales than we think, and personalised offers can help with conversion.

Over a quarter of respondents (27%) would not rule out buying a product or service presented to them “cold”, whether personalised or not.

Of those who wouldn’t rule out buying, nearly a third (31%) had either bought, or would be more likely to buy when and if the pitch was personalised to them and their needs.

Personalised sales or adverts include anything that uses pre-existing information about consumers or businesses to give them a more relevant deal.

For example, an insurer might contact you around your renewal date to offer you a great premium, or if you have been looking at bicycles online, you might be served ads for bikes elsewhere on the web when you’re browsing.

Most companies already have the information needed to create personalised marketing material and sales pitches, but data professionals are required to work with this data and unlock its potential for businesses.

Gareth Davies, Principle Data Management Consultant at IntaPeople Recruitment, said: “It’s no surprise that so many people are annoyed by cold sales tactics, but businesses should take note of the growing importance of personalisation when it comes to actually making those sales.

“With businesses beginning to discover the value locked away in their data, along with the emergence of Big Data, we have seen the demand for data professionals rise significantly.”

“By using contract Data Management Consultants or hiring permanent in-house Data Management professionals, businesses can get ahead of the curve, get to know their customers better and ultimately, get more sales.”

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