Bristol and Bath Science Park

She said: “At the one end it is a choice between working from home, and working from a cheap location, that gets you away from the kitchen, and maybe into working alongside people. At the other end, it’s about choosing between an office with say a five-year contract, and a more expensive co-working centre, complete with a package or support.”

Lu Li emphasises the community you become a part of. She says “It's important to pick the one that has the best fit for you, but luckily pretty much every co-working space offers free trial days, so go and check them out!”

As for Tom Beasley, he said: “For many, the opportunity to work together on shared projects and with mutual customers offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to quickly scale and seek advice. In a co-working environment like the Science Park the opportunities seem endless and there is always someone who has been through the same situation before and is willing to share their thoughts and advice”.