By Paul Harris, Marketing Director at UKFast

Our businesses are so much more data driven than they used to be. At the same time, many of us are now a lot more social in the way we do business. These two factors are reason enough to look at the cloud. Using software as a service (SaaS) can increase the efficiency of your communication with others – whether that’s your clients or colleagues.

It’s best to think of a cloud in this way. It’s a utility that delivers your computing as a service rather than a product. Instead of accessing a system direct from the hard drive of your PC, you are using a browser online to log into the same system or most likely a better one. The big difference is that at the end of the day, when you save your information, it’s saved to your cloud space and any of your colleagues can access it – from anywhere.

Collaboration through the cloud is a godsend for small businesses who discover that applications like SharePoint do not meet their needs. SMEs are taking advantage of the variety of ways that SaaS can allow teamwork and development in a much more efficient way than ever before.

Alongside the obvious, like document management, more businesses are finding that hosting a wiki in the cloud is an excellent way to encourage knowledge transfer. Wiki’s also provide an effective way to train up new recruits in a company’s particular style of service delivery. After all – entries in a wiki are created and improved over time, allowing processes and practices to change and develop in real time. Cloud based wikis mean your team can gen-up at any time and again, anywhere.

Task management applications are also becoming popular ways to use the cloud in order to create transparent workflows for teams. The instantaneous nature of the cloud allows managers to keep their teams working on priority tasks and monitor their progress at the same time.

Working at speed is another key reason to use cloud over in-house servers when it comes to collaboration. For a fast growing business there is no easy way to scale up your server room as your team gets bigger and needs more access to internal systems and collaborative software.

It is incredibly easy however to assign extra resource to a cloud solution every time you find that the capacity in the office is outreaching that of the technology.

And it’s not just internal collaboration that the cloud is revolutionising. With increasing pressure to cut down the level of travel we do for business, the cloud also makes it very convenient to share presentations, figures and documents with clients remotely. But that’s a whole new article altogether!

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