By Claire West

A recent Harris survey of more than 200 IT leaders revealed that just under 80% had already used some form of Cloud computing, a figure that surprised many by being so high.

Speaking at the third annual UK-China Internet Forum, Ed Vaizey, Communications Minister today added to the government’s endorsement of the benefits of Cloud computing in a week which saw the EU decide to fund a three-year research project that intends to allay security concerns about the Cloud industry, and the launch of a Cloud Code of Practice by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

The Minister commented that Cloud computing could drastically reduce costs for companies and transform the way portable devices will be used. He said, “access to networked resources provided by Cloud enables companies to enter markets without having to meet capital costs of building their own computer infrastructure.”

Piers Linney, joint CEO of world leading Cloud services and unified communications company Outsourcery, and a founder member of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), said, “Cloud computing is going to achieve mainstream adoption in 2011 as issues such as security and standards are resolved and businesses realise the benefits to be gained. The Cloud computing revolution will transform the way all business interface with technology and communications and marks the next wave of the fundamental changes that the evolution of the Internet has already brought about in the consumer market. I am delighted the minister is supporting our efforts to drive adoption and communicate the considerable business benefits that Cloud.