By Thomas Eason

SEO is difficult to implement across your site if you don’t have the expertise and know-how of an SEO expert. Luckily, SEO Junkies have a team of expert search engine optimisation specialists who have a wealth of knowledge that they are prepared to let loose on your website. Furthermore, their knowledge even extends to other areas of internet marketing including Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management, social media optimisation, e-mail marketing and more!

SEO Junkies believes that importance should be given to all three stages of the online marketing cycle: visibility, conversion and retention. At first you need to make internet users aware of the existence of your website. Our experts can put together an online marketing campaign that will grant you both short term and long term success! Search engine optimisation is a fantastic way to gain natural search engine traffic that is likely to convert upon reaching your site. SEO Junkies will undergo keyword research based upon the information you give us and thorough research into your industry. By focusing on keywords that are relevant to your site but have little competition they can optimise your website in order to appear in Google for the searches that will give you traffic that is likely to turn into sales.

By carrying out search engine optimisation techniques on your site they will also increase your quality score in Google Adwords, meaning that you will have to pay less on your PPC campaign! This works fantastically with SEO to give you short term results whilst your SEO takes effect. Social media optimisation is another long term solution to getting relevant traffic to your site. SEO Junkies will optimise your social media pages and then shout about them to ensure that people know they are there.

In order to further increase your chances of getting conversions on your site SEO Junkies suggest using their conversion rate optimisation services. By using information given to us by tools such as Google Analytics and looking at the website itself, we can pinpoint exactly when customers are leaving your site and why. A confusing check out process or a poor website design can prevent visitors from completing their order. Conversion rate optimisation will allow us to find out why that is and how we can change it to encourage more sales.

E-mail marketing is another fantastic service that SEO Junkies provide. By sending out targeted e-mails you can entice current customers with similar/complimentary products to those they’ve already bought and offer exclusive discounts that are available to current customers only.

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