By Ben Simmons

Location, cheap booze, and screen size are three of the most important factors when punters select a venue to watch sport.

According to a survey commissioned by Casio Projectors, sports fans also value a venue’s atmosphere and popularity among their friends when choosing where to watch their favourite team.

The study, conducted by Opinium Research, found the following to be the five most important factors for sports fans:

1. Location
2. Atmosphere
3. Beverage price
4. Where friends are
5. Screen size

Despite the bumper year of sport, the survey discovered that most sports fans won’t be visiting their local pub any more in 2012 than they did in 2011. The research questioned over 2,000 British adults, and found that the overwhelming majority (54 per cent) did not plan to visit their local any more frequently in the year of the London Olympics, with a further 13 per cent stating they plan to visit a pub or bar less often.

The research also revealed a predicted average spend per sports fan of £14.42, during each visit to the pub. Nieve Cavanagh, Casio Projectors’ Senior Product Marketing Manager, said that pubs and bars can achieve an increase in footfall and revenue this year, but they’ll need to concentrate on creating an attractive proposition to entice people out of their living rooms.

“In a tough economic climate, most pubs and bars are facing very real financial pressures, and realistically, there’s a limit on what venues can and can’t do. Lowering the price of booze will mean taking a significant revenue hit; a change in location is impractical, and landlords can’t really control factors such as atmosphere. But AV can be relatively easily upgraded.”

Cavanagh continued: “Our research shows that AV is a crucial factor if pubs want to pull in the punters, and size matters. Sports fans will be looking to spend their hard-earned cash in venues with the biggest screens, which is where projectors come into their own.”

“When it comes to AV, it’s really important to think about the total cost of ownership, as maintenance is often overlooked. Products like lamp-free projectors, which require much less upkeep, will often be cheaper in the long run and repay any initial outlay.”

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