By Marcus Leach

As a self-confessed entrepreneur Adam Blaskey soon grew frustrated at conducting meetings in a string of coffee shops and hotel lobbies. So, rather than looking for a solution elsewhere, he created the solution, and what's more turned it into a business.

Set in the heart of Mayfair the Clubhouse is set to become London's leading business club, and it is all thanks to Adam's vision and determination to push the bar that little bit higher.

"The Clubhouse has been borne out of a need I have had over the past 10 years having had a number of meetings, like many other people, in hotel lobbies and coffee shops across London," CEO and Founder, Adam Blaskey said.

As with many successful entrepreneurs Adam didn't just want somewhere to conduct meetings, he wanted a top end office space and facilities from which to conduct business. And this is exactly what the Clubhouse offers its clients.

First and foremost the Clubhouse, at 11-14 Grafton Street, Mayfair, offers a luxurious, professional space with complimentary, high speed and secure WiFi and top quality refreshments.

But it is more than just office space, Adam was keen to not only offer great facilities, but also create a new way of working, an environment befitting of highly successful business people and entrepreneurs.

The Clubhouse has been designed for anyone who works from home, who lives outside of London and needs a sophisticated base to meet and work from in the heart of town.

Interior designed to a very high specification, there are 4 meeting rooms for up to 8 people, a boardroom seating up to 12 people and a presentation room for up to 30 people, all offering HD screens and audio conferencing facilities.

Boasting 24 hot desk and touchdown spaces and a range of flexible meeting areas for informal meetings, the Clubhouse also the luxurious Clublounge in which to wind down after a hard day’s work.

The result: a creative environment where business gets done and professional relationships can grow and flourish, designed around the needs of today’s business people and entrepreneurs.

"I believe that there is a gap in the market for The Clubhouse to fill between a member’s club, serviced office and a first class or business class airport lounge," Adam added.

"Our target market is the growing number of people leaving larger firms and setting up their own businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and the ever increasing number of people who work from home but need a place to meet in the heart of London."

Adam is keen to promote the 'anti-office' ethos, opting instead to ensure the Clubhouse is more in keeping with a stylish members’ club or boutique hotel, but without losing a strong business focus.

At a time when mobile working is turning from a trend into the norm, as technology changes traditional working patterns, the Clubhouse offers a flexible, professional base to work from.

A recent survey by Brother identified this as ‘cappuccino commerce’ finding that many start-ups had no permanent office but based themselves in coffee shops to keep overheads low. It is also estimated that there are now almost 2.5m Britons running a business from home, equivalent to 1 in 12 of the national workforce.