By Max Clarke

Conflicting recruitment challenges are emerging across all industries, with the private sector attempting to invest and grow as the public sector is cutting back. And while the future remains unpredictable and recruitment spend continues to be squeezed, traditional approaches to resourcing and talent planning have to become more responsive, agile and innovative.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) will this year be holding their annual Recruitment, Resourcing and Talent Management Conference in order to tackle the issue of how to build agility and sustainability into resourcing approaches whilst keeping costs down. The need for organisations to find a competitive edge through their talent and resourcing practices has resulted in a surge of interest in new media recruitment methods and a growing trend to bring recruitment back in-house.

“Recruitment practices develop and change,” says CIPD Resourcing & Talent Planning Adviser Claire McCartney, “often influenced by the changing needs of the business and changes in the wider labour market, as well as financial pressures. Keeping pace with the change is important, not just in challenging times, but also in the good times, so that organisations remain agile and able to compete. Building flexible approaches to recruitment will allow organisations to support their employer brand, attracting the best and retaining talent.

The conference will help inform recruitment professionals on how to use social networking sites to their advantage, targeting potential candidates for key positions and building talent pools for long term success. It will also offer insights into the latest industry research and inform delegates of emerging employment law.